Jesus Divine

Out of the cup comes wine,
of the heart comes love.
Out of the soul comes words.
Out of the Lord comes you.

Don’t let it sway you off your path,
you do not need to feel it’s wrath!
For the Lord he loves you
in all and everything that you do!

Be let it may bring you joy,
for every woman, man, girl and boy!
Let it bring the world of love,
because Jesus loves you from above!

Out of the cup comes wine.
Out of the soul comes love.
Yes, Jesus loves you,
with God from up above!

Don’t let it bring you down.
Don’t let them persuade you.
Bring on the slumber,
because they there in their numbers!

The Lord loves you.
Let it come to you too.
Don’t let it persuade you,
because the Lord loves you too!

The angels are singing.
The bells are ringing.
Be one as family,
with you and me!

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