Laying In The Sun

Hot, clammy, wanting ice cream!
Laying with a drink of tea.
Calmly enjoying the heat,
will you lay next to me?

The sun beats down from the sky.
We sit under a shade of a tree.
Thinking of nothing and wondering why?
Will you lay next to me?

We drink each sip at a time,
with a flask and a packed lunch.
Laying in the sun is sublime!
Will you lay next to me?

We share the flask of tea outside,
In the heat we will ride!
The tea quenches our thirst,
will you lay next to me?

Put on the sun cream and your hat!
For it is hot, where we are sat!
Don the cream it is to be,
will you lay next to me?

Sun rays are hot and we are getting a tan,
not some pale thing all wan!
Enjoying the heat of the day,
what do you say?
Will you lay next to me outside?

Sunbathing with a book is fun!
Let the sun rays give you a tan!
Make the air shift, with your fan!
Lay in the sun with me and see,
will you lay next to me?

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