Leave The Wind To Blow Over

Leave the wind to blow over the sea
when you come and sit with me!
Lay the boundaries to be in tow,
reap in the rewards that you sowed!

Come hither to me with the book.
it’s just a piece of work!
Read it at your leisure,
time will not be took.

Leave the wind and mull it over!
It isn’t your worry in the mind!
Come and sit with me in the clover
for it is a story you will find!

The days grow long in the summer
winter fades away.
Leave the wind to blow it all over
because it is a new day!

Don’t start to reason with the end
it is an entity all of its own!
With the messenger you have a friend
and the work it has grown!

Leave the wind to blow over the sea,
just be yourself and it will fall into place!
Come by my rock and sit with me
it’s just a matter of taste!

Be gone with the howling wind
it is nothing but a blast!
Hear me and the song will sing
the will and soul will last!

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