Let The Lord Embrace You

Let the Lord embrace you
for it is within.
Deep inside your mind
for it is one of a kind.

See the light how it gleams.
Nothing is what it seems.
Let it shine over you
and embrace it too!

See how it emerges from within your soul.
Light the candles and come from inside.
Don’t let it cloud your memories,
but take it within your stride.

Let it unfurl and shine over you.
You embrace it with abundance.
You envelope it till it gleams
so it shines on it seems.

Let it shine on you.
Encompassing you in light.
Let it surround you too,
because it is a wonderful sight!

Let it shine around you
his healing hands are here!
Let the angels speak to you,
because they are always near!

Let the Lord embrace you,
with his divine light.
The angels are near you too
into the night.

Let the dreams heal you
for you are to be seen.
Don’t let it harden you
but to redeem!

Relinquish not of sorrow,
but of joy!
Because it is bright,
that is the light!

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