Let The Times Go Past You

Let the times go past you
let it tick along!
Don’t dilly dally along the way,
just here me and my song!

We come on our own to see you.
In times of need we are there!
Don’t let it disparage you
because deep inside we care!

Let the moments be ceased by you,
let you be strong and in control.
Don’t let the harmony degrade
because life will get you too!

In the ways of the this world
it is hard to come by these days!
Let it go past you and don’t freeze up
because in life we stay!

Don’t let the world get you down!
You are always there with that frown!
Let go of the worries for it is to stop
waiting for it to pass by and to drop!

With out a second to lose
close this story within your grasp!
For the light will be there in the end
for God is willing he will send!

Let it encompass you and don’t be afraid
a light will come to see you into Heaven!
Don’t let the world tear it apart
the light for you it is to start!

When all is said and done
it is never too late to get!
Be there for each other and let it come
for the peace will return it is done!

If I talk in riddles to you
will you understand me?
I try to abide and be with you
let the times go past you!

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