Let The World Go By

It is soon to be Spring, and the weather is warming up.
Plant the summer flowers and watch them bloom.
Insects buzz all year round,
the Winter is over, warm weather will be soon!

Pretty gardens to look at, later in the year.
They will make you feel happy, will you shed a tear?
Trees will blossom again with new flowers and leaves.
Enjoy the pretty sights of the flora!

The World continues on, with many pretty sights.
Solar powers lamp posts, glow into the night.
The cool air is warming and the frosty days are gone,
the days are getting longer, with warm sun!

Some flowers stay blooming all year round,
whilst new ones are being planted, into the ground!
It has a calming affect on things, don’t you think?
things can change with a blink!

Enjoy the colours and the beautiful display.
Enjoy the peace, that comes your way!
Every day is a chance to be new,
with the hearts and love for you!

So enjoy the time that is given to you,
the sounds are happiness for you too!
Let it encompass your heart and mind,
the garden is a must, and a great find!

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