Light The Path

True as it may seem,
your light shines bright.
Be nice and not mean!
it shines through the night!

All at once, you will find,
it doesn’t take much to be kind!
Let the good in you be seen,
because it will appear you are keen!

So all in all it is a good deal,
abide by the rules, for it will seal!
Help others to find their way,
and the friendships will form and stay!

Give others hope and food for thought!
Love and friendship can’t be bought!
Let your heart sing –
is it me you are expecting?

Go with the flow of your mind,
it is natural, you will find!
Be in good spirits, for you are free!
For there is peace within you and me!

Abide with your own free will,
it is neither silly or trill!
Reach out to folk with a listening ear,
your wisdom they will hold dear!

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