Like My New Toy?

In my youth I used to play games
and now I am older it is computers and things.
When I was young we used to be in a choir
and voiced our vocals in a sing!

Times have changed and gone more high tech.
Robots now exist.
Machines have become more complex
with leads and plugs on the end of a flex.

Do you read the instructions on how to work something
or how to build it?
This day and age one needs a diagram
with the object perched between your legs whilst you sit!

How easy is it to put together an object?
It is just trial and error!
And when you finally do get it
it can create pleasure or terror!

The machines that are created each have a use
and one must learn how to use it.
Be mindful of the fact that the instructions are straightforward
for most – just have fun with the fit!

Once it is built you can sit and relax.
Flex your muscles on the object afterwards.
Built to last for decades you hope,
and now it has just collapsed and fell to bits!

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