Love In The Air!

Winds blow across the land,
hold your breath in your hand!
No more cried, dry the tears,
wipe away the nagging fears.

See the feelings are still there.
It is just something you have to bare!
The transit is easy with one swift action!
Don’t let yourself die!
It is within a fraction!

The longing of love makes you grow strong.
So the agree had happened,
and it is where you belong!
So wait and you shall have love,
the man said yes and you will see!

Don’t distance yourself, because of the thing.
Let it grow, it is not a fling!
Look forwards to a getting together!
It will happen no matter the weather!

Bide the time with things you like.
Tell the bullies to get on their bikes!
look forwards now to be not alone,
for it is not abandoned!

Gain the love the thoughts are good.
Just look far from under the hood!
Reach out and be one,
for the love has never gone!

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