Love Self

The sound of love flows through the air,
love yourself if you dare!
Be kind and thoughts of peace to you,
because time is too short and it is for you too!

I cried for the peace it never came!
I wanted nothing for me but fame!
When it came to the crunch,
all i did was to look after me and eat lunch!

I waited for the war to finish,
it was in my mind!
It took up all my life
and love was unkind!

In the end I prayed for it!
I prayed for the day for it to cease.
Because in the end it is within you
and eventually I got that peace!

Dry your eyes it was a silly war!
I can give you the story for days!
Nothing can be forever and it is not to stay
and just pray!

Time went by with no more tears,
for it is now in the past!
It washed away all my fears
and now the love will last!

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