Love The You

Love comes to those who wait.
In time it grows from hate!
Let it wash over your soul
and do not take the bait!

Let the love pour into you.
Let it shine down.
For it will wipe away the tears
and clear away your frown!

Don’t despair no more be you!
Let yourself merge as one!
For when you see the good things
your life has just begun!

Don’t be a prisoner in your home!
Live each day as it comes!
Allow the energy to flow again
and be the you for all to see!

Enjoy the time now for you are free!
You have paid back what is due!
No more worrying the debt is paid
and no more ghosts it is now all laid!

Great are the things that are to come!
End your tears and be at peace.
Let the life you want be some
for the past is now to cease!

Gently does the time it is now to write.
Be the lover and love your life!
For the time is now for you
be in love without further ado!

Don’t settle for anything less!
Life is just a jest!
Cease the perils now for it is over
and let your good life manifest!

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