Manifest Your Success!

If you make a great sacrifice in life
then other things will follow.
Make room for new and be aware
just take a step up the stairs!

Be aware of what may follow,
it comes to you from your pursuits.
Resting on accents of your life,
be aware of what you recruit!

Move about with your expectations
as you give it full clout!
Manifest what is in your mind
and the thought will come about!

Be clear and that your needs are thought through.
Be aware as you go forwards in life.
Things can get pretty dicey out
but keep on the dreams of what you are about!

It will be in fruition after you do your research.
Learn to live your life how you want.
Your dreams mean a lot to you
your goals emerge!

You have a bright future if you want it to be.
Follow your dreams and desires.
Only you can manifest it for you,
it can happen or you can put out the fires!

Dreams happen and can come true.
Feed your hunger for success.
Don’t settle for anything less
and let if manifest for you!

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