Masked Christmas

Soon be Christmas, OMG!
will it snow? probably not!
It will be soon,
sunny and hot.

Santa may wear a fase mask,
and take with him a drink in a flask.
He will have to social distance,
the stockings will be filled in an instant!

Oh dear me, it will be different this year!
And family will be halved indoors.
Stock early for Christmas so you can have your feast,
watch a good movie and tame the beast!

Don’t let it spoil the fun for you though.
You may get a pair of socks, for your toes.
Bring in a good bottle of wine,
any kind of white, will be fine!

Have a kiss under the mistletoe,
and raise your glass.
This is the new norm for us all,
but will it ever last?

Still enjoy it, best you can.
Sing a song or two to your favourite band.
Don’t let the rules bog you down,
eat, drink and be merry and open presents with your hand.

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