My Place By The Sea

A place by the sea,
that is where I want to be!
In a house over looking the sea,
that is where I want to be!

A place by the sea,
in an open cafe.
Sipping on a refreshing drink,
that is where I want to be!

Sitting by the sea,
a place is for me!
Waiting with open arms,
full of charm!

Sitting at my place by the sea,
let the folks see the real me!
Enjoying a cup of tea,
at my favourite place by the sea!

By the sea, seeing it rolling in.
Shut off the world and it’s din!
Enjoying the noise of the waves!
Holding the staves!

Sitting by the sea,
in my favourite place,
holding my cup of tea.
Care to come and join me?

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