November Eyes

In the dim morning light,
rain lashes on the window.
Water ripples down the pane,
the cold seeps through the air.

The cosy colours in the rooms,
take away the morning gloom.
Darkness ensues outside,
as the tide turns.

Streetlamps gleam through the window,
the light along the paths.
Soggy wet mud on the verge,
whilst rain pours down it’s wrath!

For many hours the rain pours down,
the animals are all soaked.
Droplets glisten with the street light,
makes a pretty pattern.

Soon it is light,
keep warm inside the house.
Keep still in the garden later,
you may even see a mouse!

Coastal weather looms over us,
soon it will be bed time.
Are you keeping dry and warm,
Like me and mine?

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