Only Santa Knows!

Not long till Christmas!
You roll your eyes!
Have you seen Santa?
He flies through the skies!

He wears a red suit and hat,
and carries bags of presents.
When I come round,
you will get new not lent!

Have you been good?
He raises his eyebrows under the hood!
Rudolf munches a carrot,
and a Christmas tune is heard from your parrot!

Santa is on his way!
Will you get coal?
Or a present from him, off his sleigh?
and he drinks sherry, whilst Rudolf drinks from a bowl!

Santa will come and visit,
so be good and wait,
only Santa knows the truth,
what will be your fate?

so have you been good guys this year?
Will you get coal or a present?
Put out your stockings,
because Heaven has sent!

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