Parcels up to the eyes,
soon to arrive!
Boxes opened and some are not,
with taped edges don’t let them rot!

Get your parcel to your door,
then they are left all over your floors!
With moments of joy as you open them,
delivered to the door, by women and men!

lots of packaging to leave you agape!
The brown tape is sticky as hell!
Pop the packaging in the shell!
What to open it with, a pair of scissors!

Is it Christmas?
There is a box collection building up,
but don’t worry,
whilst you sip from your cup!

Your new things bring happiness and joy!
It is just like having a new toy!
Do you buy for a purpose and a use?
Or just because it is something nice to have?

Roll out the Sunday Best!
It is OK, I am only in a jest!
Don’t get caught in the tape!

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