Peaceful Times

The evening time grows from dusk to dark.
People are still walking in the local park.
Don’t look at the clock, it will be bedtime soon.
Then you can sleep until it is noon!

Street lights turn on when the sun goes down.
The streets grow quiet of people in the town.
With a drink in your hand,
the house lights turn on throughout the land!

Let the peace and quiet sink in.
Give yourself a break from the world’s din!
The day has gone by fast.
Will the evening peace last?

Let the life not pass you by!
But you can only try!
The morning comes round in five minutes time,
if you have a lay in it is not a crime!

Enjoy the days for they are yours to have.
The garden is always there.
Go in amongst the flowers,
even when it is bare!

The evening peace lingers all night.
The plants grow even when it is dark.
Let the evening time enrol you
and enjoy the plants too!

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