Poor Path

Wash away the tears because it won’t last!
Everything in the mind is past!
Don’t wait for the future live for today!
Act on your thoughts and do what you say!

Life is too short to be in a mess,
so do your best as that is the test!
It isn’t what you have in life,
including your family crest!

Don’t judge others judge yourself,
be critic of you and yours!
Because that is the right cycle
and it can open the doors!

Waning for things that you can’t have,
live and make do is for us all!
Keep on with your living
and hold your head up tall!

Pennies don’t drop from the sky!
They are earnt with doing work.
Beg for nothing and be strong,
because that is where you belong!

Headstrong and vibrant be like this!
Nothing is easy and easily missed!
Go in your stride and for a better you
because in earnest you will do!

Poor and needy gives you power of strength!
Your burdens can be halved by others,
so it may be at length
but nothing can stand in your way!

As each day goes by realise you are rich
in your heart and mind!
For you are a soul of worthiness,
forthright and very kind!

Don’t put yourself down and belittle you!
That will do you no good!
For in life all is to be had
and that is not bad!

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