Porridge is nice made with water or milk.
It glides down your throat like silk!
The warm cereal is a treat,
helps to get you on your feet!

Porridge is made with flakes of oats
don’t let it rock your boat!
It is wholesome goodness in a bag,
it wont’ let your spirits sag!

Have a bowl in the morning is to tease your soul!
There is fibre and goodness in every bowl.
You can make it with lots of things,
with honey, sultanas, bananas and raisins!

Porridge is quick and easy to make,
takes five minutes once you are awake!
So buy it in the shop,
it will keep you going till bed, you wont want to stop!

Porridge is a good thing,
it helps you to sing!
Liven your mornings with a bowl of porridge,
and admire your garden, full of flowers, shrubs and Borage!

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