Prisms Of The World!

As the clouds move swiftly across the sky,
The light dims and the winds increase.
After a few hours of stormy weather,
then the winds start to cease!

The sunshine seeps through and brightens up the day.
Each movement is captured on the breeze of the wild flowers.
The grass dances in the breeze,
even when the winds begin to ease.

After hiding in their dens and burrows
the animals emerge into the wild.
Soggy pastures are laden with food for the creatures
and also with dew when it is mild!

The valley is teaming with life of all kinds,
everything will just unwind.
As the days get shorter and cooler,
you will see the beautiful changes you will find!

You can sit in the wonder of the world,
and bask in your life and let it unfurl.
As the rainbows grace the skies
watch the birds fly!

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