A mind like a rainbow,
a heart like a flower.
Like the sun and the snow
melts a heart.

A mind like a rainbow
in a thunder storm.
A heart like a flower
in the snow shower!

A mind like a rainbow
all colours that pattern the norm.
Like a heart full of colours
sees above all others!

Like a mind with a rainbow
sees all the colours.
Be in the colour.
Be with the others.

A mind like a rainbow
sees the sunrise and sunset.
A mind like a rainbow
always does their best!

A mind like a rainbow
in the snow and rain.
Open the heart of the colours
to let it love again!

A mind like a rainbow
with glowing colours.
Now with the others,
glows consistently in the sun!

When it is done
glistens in a faded shade.
Bouncing in the dapple glades
a mind like a rainbow,
see the rainbow glow.

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