Reach Out

Live in hope in the foreseen light,
let yourself live and end the plight!
Hold the hands of your fellow men,
and it is just a matter of when!

You guide you and are wise,
you have struggled through demise!
Live on and capture your dreams,
live in the wealth of your mind, for nothing is as it seems!

Reality hits like a ton of bricks!
Go out to get your kicks!
Eat well, live life to the full,
Your life needn’t be dull!

Take the time for yourself,
read your books on your shelf!
Pay attention to your mind,
that is natural of human kind!

Grace you mastered with total freedom,
be in good spirits when you can!
Won’t be long till life changes,
and be all out for you!

Sense the good and go along with it!
You will be happier and fit!
Tie up lose ends and enjoy,
with you, God will sit!

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