Relaxing Thoughts

Sitting in fields all awry,
I look up into the clouded sky.
When it is peaceful, I wonder why,
is it true all the hype?

It strikes me a little dyer
and can settle for the next wire!
with the spirit of the song,
and be at home where you belong!

The grass grows tall and blows in the wind.
The flowers bloom an array of colour.
The insects fly to and fro,
be like fields and watch the energy flow!

Sitting in fields and laying with the breeze,
watch the day go past with ease!
Singing birds call to their mates,
the hedgerows grow over the gates.

Peace overcomes you in the field.
Warmth and grace yields.
Watch as the sun beats down,
and you become happy without a frown!

Sitting in the field is a good thing.
Listening to the birds sing.
Now it is time to go,
in your heart love grows!

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