Scented Blooms

Scents of the flowers and the colour petals,
are pleasing to the eye!
And the shades do not change,
even with cloudy skies.

Orchids, Nasturtiums, Baby’s Breath and Roses,
line the flower bed.
Ready for the table
and make lovely posies!

Grow them at home,
enjoy their beauty.
Pretty shapes and colours,
every year.

Cut flowers in a vase, brightens the home.
Makes a pretty display.
They fill the home with beauty,
and the scent fills the room every day.

Each flower is unique,
and have their own designs.
the flowers have what you seek,
and easy to grow you will find.

Enjoy them at their best,
in the garden on a bench.
They give you pleasure,
and livens up the rest.

Each time you are outside,
take a look and see,
because it will brighten your day,
and give you joy.

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