See The World

See the world and lift your eyes
it is full of things to see!
Let your spirit roam
as what will be will be!

Moving with the times
let the world unfurl!
It is marvellous and exquisite
with plenty of places to visit!

Don’t live in the shadow of yesterday
bring it forward with smiles!
Time is a great healer
and it will cover the miles!

Wash away the pain
for it is forever plain!
That when you see the world
it will brighten up your space!

Open the heart to the sound of freedom
it mingles with the mind!
It will leave you breathless
and in a place you will find!

Travel the world and hold your head up high
the end is not yet nigh!
It is the beginning of the new phase,
with the people liaise!

An adventure is to be had
boldly go forward in time!
What is hard to overcome
will belong to me what is mine!
Don’t dwell on the past

Live forever in hope!
In the day it will last
and you will cope!

See the world in all it’s glory
sitting on an open book!
For it is but another story
and with it you took!

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