Self Healing

Let the night light shine on you.
Be with the power for it is with you too.
Don’t get drawn into the rows,
just be cool and take no vows.

Let the music wash over you.
Sink into it’s depths and just relax.
The war is over and you have won.
Now its time for you which has just begun!

Take the time to unravel the mystery.
Let the times heal you for you survived.
Be gentle with yourself and enjoy the ride,
because you know what you can see.

Shape up and buck up and just do your own thing!
Waiting up just to hear the angel sing!
The notes are sweet music in your ears
dispelling every fear!

Deep inside the calm begins,
sit tight with your feelings for its within.
Let it all go now with new,
because life starts now and so do you!

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