Shades Of Autumn

Autumn colours colour the roads,
and the crisp air hangs about at nights.
The moon is sharp and very bright,
crisp leaves lay about on the pavement.

Some Summer flowers are still in bloom,
like Nasturtiums with the warmth, colours mixed like on a loom!
The petals are shades of orange, red and yellow.
Textured plants are visible in the flower bed.

The warmth makes the Earth dry,
until rain falls from the sky.
The rays help the flowers to flourish,
and some you can eat in your dish.

It is a lovely time of year,
the pollen subsides and the air is cool.
The nights are coming in early,
and the animals brighten the world.

The scents tantalise your nostrils,
fill your lungs with the air.
Enjoy your surroundings in Autumn,
and The Seasons have sporadic flair!

Liven your rooms with Autumn blooms,
the prettiness and fragrances fill your sights.
Each flower has the colours of beauty,
and unique in every way.

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