Shine The Light On

They come to see you when you sleep,
the night sounds that you reap!
May all the times you see be deep
shine the light on!

Many times they come
amongst the noise and clarity!
Be joyous for their presence
shine the light on!

Time has no meaning,
yet it means everything!
They come whilst you are sleeping
shine the light on!

You do not have to be perfect
for time is not your keeper!
Let the energy shift
shine the light on!

Be awakened to the calling
it is not all as it sounds.
Be the resurrect
shine the light on!

It is time for healing
and a time to rejuvenate.
Clarity becomes clearer
shine the light on!

The essence lingers within your heart
and daybreak sees a new gleam!
A shine that is alight with a glow
shine the light on!

They come at night whilst you sleep
do not let them go!
For there is a story to be told
shine the light on!

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