Skies Of Winter

Winter looms ahead, soon be frost and snow.
Ice blasts the air, a white sheen on the ground.
Slippery foot paths, whilst the grassed earth makes a crunching sound.
and the hard earth is solid mass, under toe.

Dim light comes in earlier, at this time of year.
The watered paths are full of ice that is clear.
Crisp air makes your skin fresh,
and the winter plants wind through fence mesh.

Winter hues in the sky, show the clouds full of rain.
But still it is pretty, and is a picture.
as the plants die off, seeds you gain.
Sow them ready for Spring.

Light fades early evening, the moon hides behind the clouds.
Rain is soon, in the night.
The colours wash your eyes,
with a pretty sight!

The Earth changes colours,
and the trees are now bare.
Place the image in your heart,
and keep it there!

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