Spirit Light

Come with me till it is all seen
make way for the light for it is here!
Don’t let it make you weep
for it is always been there!

Sitting on the window seat in the sun,
light up the way for it has begun!
Shine on the mind as you can hear
looking forward for you have won!

Seeing in the mind of the clear sky above
letting in the warmth of the day.
Clear the thoughts and make way
for it is here, we say!

Come forwards it is OK.
Start the path again.
Hear the whispers in the dark
yes, you are sane!

Let it come and just be cool.
Let you be no fool!
Don’t listen to the one who is mean
for the spirit is to be seen!

Let them approach you and do it well!
Time will tell!
Write for the Spirit it is within you
it will be true!

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