Spirit Rain

The rain is pouring light the light,
the sun it shines bright.
The rain is drumming on the window
it is like the patter of feet!
Like the guide that meets

It rains in your heart
but it rains the love.
It cries in your mind
for spirit of that kind!

The rain continues to pour,
your heart is filled with peace.
Wait for the bells to ring
and hear your messages sour!

Light up the rain in your mind,
for spirit is within you and your kind.
Feel the freedom to connect
and the love in there you will find!

The patter of the rain is cleansing,
if it rains just continue on.
Be the cool one because it will flow,
it has never gone!

Shine on my friend for it is in sight,
bestow the light over you!
Be forever in the love of the light,
because you will do!

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