Springtime. Take A Leap!

Broken cloud sweeps the sky, with dappled hints of sun.
The winter showers have just gone.
The current climate is getting warm again,
and the days are getting less rain.

Soon be time to don the sun cream and wear a hat.
The flowers will be blooming and the days of sunbathing are here.
The scents that come with Spring, linger in the air,
and the cool breeze wafts about your hair!

The days are getting longer, bright sun and shady gardens.
Time to plant the summer bulbs, and time to strim the grass.
The enjoyment encompasses you and brings about the smile.
For a lovely garden, go the extra mile!

Life continues day by day, through the day and night.
Creatures join you and brighten up the scene.
People come and go, some stop to chat and pass you by.
and soon the world of yours in the garden, will be pristine!

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