Stairway To Heaven

Stairway to Heaven, I see the eye!
It lights up through the tunnel when I die!
Singing choirs of angels line the way,
chorusing my entry into the realm to stay!

I wondered what it was like in the past,
a story so vast!
Is it for real?
I found out and it’s a big deal!

Stairway to Heaven, lights up my life!
I think of you when I am there!
When we pass, it evolves a stairway,
coming along with the news not a dare!

It sits in the mind till it is time to go!
Wondering when we will meet again.
So when I die I want to be seen,
in the realm like a queen!

Heaven is a vast place up in the sky!
That is where I want to be when I die!
See that light and just walk,
in life it is nothing but talk!
Is it real? One has to find out!
Only until the end of time and not before!
Where are you now? I hear you shout!
Well I guess I am about to find out!

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