The storm surges on through the night,
the lightening produces such a sight!
It rages across the country,
you may get soaked in the rain!

Sea waves reach a height,
if you are struck, it gives you pain!
The sky lights up and it is deadly,
the rain drops cause a medley!

The rain pitter patters with a tapping sound,
and lay in rippled puddles on the ground.
The storm it can last for hours,
take your brolly, to head off the showers!

Some people love storms and I am one of them,
watching them in safety can be a gem!
It happens every now and then,
when it is ready to happen again!

When the rain dances on the ground,
the thunderclaps are around!
It then subsides into a fresher day,
storms are an occurrence and here to stay!

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