Stretch Your Sight

Be in the hour of the hope,
for it is on the horizon!
You will cope
and just get the one who cares!

Spread your wings and fly with me,
to see it all take place!
Nothing is sacred it happens so fast
and in its place it will last!

Steer in the direction of time,
what is yours will be mine!
Not so quick to analyse and
be with the one who cares!

Stand up for the fight it is not to avail,
it makes one humble!
Open the arms to embrace the plight,
because you will see the light!

Reach out for the stars and make way,
it is for ever beginning.
A cycle of elementary learning
and a new start and a fresh time!

Peace will come and a way of life,
write with all your might!
It will benefit those who seek
and help you gain sight!

Mentally be with yourself true!
Let it shadow over you!
A bright future will begin
and forever and foremost it will be in!

Let your passion outsmart the day,
it is all within your heart and mind!
Beauty is in the words that flourish
with honesty you will find!

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