Summer Is Round the Corner!

It is the end of January, the rain is still pouring down.
The cool days are nearly over, and the sun be all over town!
Enjoy the effects of the air around you,
and the sodden ground that greets.

The life continues in it’s quest,
and enjoy the life, at it’s best!
Eventually the sun will peak through,
to bring about a new warmth.

In the days that are to come,
the desired effects will be felt!
Enjoy the garden, as it blooms all the colours of the rainbow,
and the wildlife that visits and comes and goes!

The quiet days watching the World go by are near,
and the days are peaceful, and it is the World you hear!
Happiness envelopes you with your getup,
before your youth is all spent up!

So, enjoy your World as you have made it.
And the joy within has you good.
Be the life and soul of your life,
and enjoy every little bit!

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