In the vast lake the bird swam,
and buffed up its feathers, was in a jam!
So he then climbed a rock in the water,
and then he nibbled at a piece of ham!

Oh, how beautiful he is to see,
watching him flap about and then in his tree!
He climbed to the highest peak of the dock,
and in the cradle of a crevice he did rock!

The bird, he was like a swan,
and had lovely plumes of feathers all over.
He swims about the rivers and lakes all day,
then flies from Cornwall to Dover!

The bird then does have a mate,
a friend that he teams up with of late.
And produced some cygnets babies of a few,
and then I took its picture with you!

When he comes to hunt his prey,
it takes him no time at all, then he swims all day!
He has his family now, all swim in a row,
parents at the front and babies in tow!

They are just like us these birds!
Flock about in groups and talks to get heard!
They flip and flutter all day long,
and holler a tune for their bird song!

Let them come close on the lake.
And in groups they go up and down on rivers.
You and I are like these birds,
and the likeness give us the shivers!

They do not seem to rest at all,
life for them is a ball!
The birds they live in family groups,
they are handsome aren’t they? you whoop!

Oh joy for the birds when you see them.
They are just a family of birds on water!
They like to bathe and eat their food,
for watching birds, you have to be in the mood!

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