Technicolour Birds

Ducks, Geese and Swans glide the water.
Many birds take to the sea.
Watch their families gather for their tea!
The birds of many types.

They fly to other countries at certain times of the year.
They make their nests in Spring.
When their children are born,
they are just like us!

Flamingos and Penguins grace the land and sea.
They live in groups of many.
You can watch them on the beach
without spending a penny!

The birds come in all sizes and shapes!
They stay for life with their mate.
They teach their young to live.
Then they go their separate ways.

Do some bird watching and they will give
a display for you on the date!
You have to be quiet to not scare them off!
And then get a souvenir for the loft!

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