The Angels Light

A bright star lights the path,
a light that shines so bright.
It flickers on the dew sending its hue,
it enhances your sight,

The lantern is full and in the hands of an angel.
They guide your way to the stars.
They hold your hand through the tears.
They smooth away all your fears.

The light of the lantern silhouettes an angel.
It listens to your prayers in the light.
They wipe away your shed tears.
They smooth away all your fears.

The angel sings the prayers of love.
They come in thousands to see the dove.
It hovers overhead on the path,
from the heavens from above.

The light shines brightly in our eyes,
it lights the path with a golden sheen.
You come to me in the glory of the light,
you see it in your eyes and are keen.

The angels gather on the hill.
Keep your thoughts and prayers still.
They heard your song through the light,
be there with me through your will.

The angel guides you.
The angel loves you.
The angel teaches you.
With the angel it knows the way,
gather the love and pray.

The angel that carries the lantern of light,
will give your harmony and insights.
The angel of love will carry you through,
will be with you through the day and night.

The angel will help your strength.
The angel will help your hearts no length.
The angel will help to heal you.
The angel will help to give you encouragement,
the angel will help you in your hour of need.

Go with the lantern and heed
the future of the love will not leave.
It’s bright as the light that carries on the glow,
be with the angel and in the know.

The lantern is lit on your path.
It silhouettes the angel’s wings.
You listen with intent to angels sing,
don’t lose the sight of that,
for it comes from heaven above.

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