The Changing World

Mountains rise high past the skyline.
And the icecaps remain at the poles.
Teaming with creatures of every kind,
from Platypus to Moles.

Flying creatures adorn the sky.
This is our home until we die.
Even then, we shall thrive.
and the bees go back to their hives.

The rivers that run through the Earth,
are full of life as well from its birth.
All the kingdom of the wild thrives on,
and basks in the mid-day sun!

It creates a kind of ecological sites,
life and death continue as we live, with all it’s might!
Lava spews from volcanoes too,
and forests are thick and some receding.

Adorned by the colourful land with its plants,
the rivers and valleys lend a hand.
The eco system and the cloudy skies,
means this land will thrive.

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