The Frontier

Stars shine light from the moon via the sun,
since the beginning of time when it all began!
The vapour gas and star nurseries fill the sky,
and like us the stars also die!

Everything is born out of the universe,
one big huge imagination!
The planets are different in all galaxies,
and the black holes keep sucking it in!

Light zips on through space each second.
Time is born from the stars.
The Earth is just a chess game,
from Pluto through to Mars!

The sun it blazes in the sky,
hotter than your fire!
Satellites float in Space,
and help you send a wire!

The universe is life and death.
It is a mystery.
We are all just star dust,
my family, friends, you and me!

It has an imagination.
It is huge and never ends!
Stars are just like people,
that is where we are all from!

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