The Hedgehog

Hello, I’m me, with back full of prickles!
I scurry among the hedgerows.
Near by the scarecrows!
In the fields and gardens.

Near your nice lanterns!
Under the sunlight,
under the moonlight!

Hello, I’m me!
Did you come to see?
I just stood by to see you,
you seen me!

I have a back full of prickles!
Not in curled up in a ball!
You seem so tall!
I’m just a little hedgehog!

Hello! I am me, with a back full of prickles!
When you try to tickle,
I curl up into a ball!
You’re so tall!

Hello! I’m me, with a back full of prickles!
I’d rather be tickle you!
I scurry along for food,
don’t wish to delude!

I’m just a mere hedgehog!
In the garden and in the peat bogs!
Scurrying for my burrow,
I just long to furrow!

In the hedgerows and the fields,
you just yield!
I am just me,
a hedgehog!

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