The Queen’s Tea!

Teacakes, biscuits, apples, pears and cake.
Many yummy bites, at the end of the day.
Jam and doughnuts and many sandwiches,
give the rise of afternoon tea.

The tea is poured into dainty cups.
Victoria sponge and scones.
What are you going to have next,
once it is all gone?

It is a feast fit for the Queen.
The apron is hung up and it is all laid out.
Get the milk out for the cuppas,
then you can wait for supper.

The table is full of lovely food.
With the posh plates out.
When is it going to begin?
Well, we will give you a shout!

The cloth hangs over the table,
in bright colours of flowers.
In embroidery stitched on cotton,
a meal that will be not forgotten.

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