The Rose

She laughed until she cried,
and now feels untied!
the bounds are now free,
so she had a cup of tea!

She danced in the dark,
the beams shone through.
She lit up the path,
and the life of hers too!

So when you are down,
dance in your heart.
You are still free,
right from the start!

With each and every dance,
you give yourself a chance!
She spoke with her Angels,
and picked herself up when she fell!

They took her in their arms,
and they was full of charm.
And she never looked back,
even though her life took a whack!

She glowed like a light,
and it lasted through the night!
It shone so others saw,
even though they were torn!

Her light helped people through it all,
be proud and stand tall!
In life new doors open all the time,
loving yourself is not a crime!

So the story unfolds
now it has been told.
She is now proud and well,
listen to her story she has to tell!

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