The Snail

In the summer sun I sit in my shell,
Watching the leaves fall on the ground.
Watching where they fell.
I leave the nest to be me,
A bed under the tree!

In the light of day,
In my shell I will stay!
I crawl about the garden,
Foraging for food.

Mostly of the nice plants that you grow,
All colourful in a row!
I crawl about not even a mile an hour,
In the sun and rain showers!

My shell is warm and dry,
I like not to be shy.
I want to be in my shell!
Looking at the rain, leaves and snow.

With my friends all in a line in tow,
I am a humble snail!
My shell will never fail,
I hide in the leaves and flower pots.

Hopefully, I wont be got!
I am a snail,
Can you see my trail?
Of silver slobber.

So be near the her!
Another snail my mate!
Sitting by the garden gate!

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