The Spirits Guide

Silently the nights go by,
wandering through the years.
Through all the pain and suffering,
time to wipe away the tears!

Let the Spirit guide you,
for all is not lost!
Through it all you see,
it is in the recent post!

Guiding hands will lead you,
let them show you the way.
Let the Spirit show you how,
let them help you from today.

The times will be no more hard,
make it easy on yourself.
For the times of suffering are gone,
it can’t be good for the health!

Leave the worry and join today!
Have faith in what you do!
For many will read the messages
and see it eventually too!

Let the Spirit guide you,
it is within the song!
Let the light bestow on you,
for it will benefit you too!

Send the old days on now with your heart!
It is time to stay and read the part!
It is the Spirit they are guiding you,
let it in through your heart!

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