The Weekend

Well, it is the weekend!
Time for yourself.
Fixing a leaking roof,
or mending the shelf!

It will be time well spent,
no matter what you do!
As long as it is nice out,
as that matters too!

Having fun at the weekend,
brings joy to your heart!
Liven up the day with your stuff,
and try to look smart!

You keep being busy,
as it drives you on!
No one really knows,
where the day has gone!

Saturday, rolls into Sunday.
It is time to stop work!
Time for your fun and play,
and things that make your smirk!

Relax till Monday.
The week begins again.
Even if it is hot out,
or pouring with rain!

Make the most of it.
Go out and meet up with friends!
Because the weekends,
can never end!

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