Town In The Valley

The town is in the valley,
between two steep hills.
We are on the left side
and there is a river with a tide.

It is full of trinket shops,
charity and cafes.
Lining the one way road
with chip shops.

Bustling with people,
couples walk hand in hand.
The yacht clubs are out
and so is the local band!

The cafes are full of customers,
having food and drink.
There are benches,
where you can sit and think.

The crowds are enjoying the town,
but do not feed the Gulls!
It is quiet at night,
people are in the pubs, outside is a lull!

The town is between two hills,
the bus stops are by the bridge.
So why not go to a cafe,
it is better to pay the bill!

Sitting outside is good.
Wear a mask with a hood.
Go out when it is dry and warm,
go where the crowd is, yes I would!

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