Twist Of Light

Curling around us like a beacon,
it encompasses our being!
Being like a Church Deacon,
it circles around us in our seeing!

It twists about with a brightness,
it shatters your every whim.
Clinging onto the light in the palfrey,
come and walk this path with me!

The light it swirls around you,
it glistens in the dark.
Light up the sound of life,
it comes to take you on a journey!

Place your hands in the light with me
and you will see,
it ends all the fears of your inner self,
it wipes away all the suffering that will be!

Come into the light,
it twists around our souls!
It goes on into the night,
in the darkness it gives sight!

When you feel down see the light.
When you feel low just imagine me!
See it glowing around you bright,
it opens the heart and helps you see!

The light it glows from the heart,
with a passion and from the start!
Don’t walk away from the light,
it will help you on your plight!

Swirling around it’s bright sheen,
for it is to be seen!
Light up the paths of forgotten years
and wipe away all your fears!

Don’t dwell on the hardship of today,
listen and hear is what I say!
Let the light envelope you,
because you will feel better too!

Wash away the fears of the past!
Nothing is meant to last!
But love that will last till the end,
in the light it will send!

Healing prayers of light is sent,
for what is meant will be meant!
Time is a healer on its own,
look and see how much you have grown!

Twist of light it shines away,
it shines all day,
so come what may!
Be that light and twist with it,
because that is the path all lit!


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